Wedding Gallery

View our wedding gallery and have a feel of what it is like to be part of this phenomenal place.  From our very spacious banquet rooms to the picturesque garden overlooking the 18th hole.  The snow-capped mountains also add as a spectacular backdrop to your special day.

Kayla & Ryan, April 2, 2022

Photo Credit by Cedar and Sand Photography

Teresa & Gordon, August 28, 2021

Photo Credit by Marla Jenkins

Nayomi & John, August 8, 2020

Photo Credit by Affinity Wedding Photography

Emily & Devon, July 31, 2020

Photo Credit by Julie Christine Photography

Brittney & Chase,  June 16th 2018

Photo credit by Heaton Photography

Lindsay and Gregg,  June 22, 2018

Photo credit by The Macleans

Stephanie & Dayton,  January 27, 2018

Photo credit by Amanda Coldicutt Photography

Sarah & Noel,  October 28, 2017

Photo credit by Heaton Photography

Chelsea & Patrick,  September 23, 2017

Photo credit by Jordan Doak Photography

Laura and Andrew, July 22, 2017

Photo credit by Jordan Doak Photography

Michelle and Darren, May 6, 2017

Photo credit by Smile Beautiful Photography

Lindsay & Joseph, June 24, 2017

Photo credit by Hannah Wyles Photography

Ashley & Dale, June 2, 2017

Photo credit by Sara Barratt Photography

Ryan & Kelly, December 31, 2016

Photo credit by Hayley Rae Photography

Jaqueline & Matt, August 7, 2016

Sweet Inspiration Photography

Patti & Jeff, August 13, 2016

Photo credit by Sarah England Photography

Pamela & Daniel 2014