5 Great Golf Course Wedding Venues in B.C.

B.C.’s best golf courses provide a beautiful backdrop for your big day

A union near the green can be a welcome escape from the bustle of an urban locale, offering majestic views, simplified scheduling and quality care with a smaller event footprint.

Our very own Meadow Gardens Golf Club is featured as one of the 5 great golf course wedding venues in British Columbia.  Read the full article HERE.

Megan Ashley Creative: Award-winning Vancouver Wedding Photographer Features Meadow Gardens

Hi, I’m Megan.

I want you to imagine you’re sitting in a room full of people you love, celebrating 50 years of marriage. In your lap is your wedding album (The one I will help you carefully curate) It’s worn and well loved. You open it to the first page, it’s a portrait of you and your partner with much less grey hair.  You chuckle, and page by page you are transported back to that day.  Your parents dancing together, siblings, friends, they’re all there.  An eruption of laughter fills the room and you look up to find your sister reminiscing about her near accident on the dance floor all those years ago. Closing the album you hug it tightly to your chest, it’s your most cherished possession.  And you’re forever grateful for making the choice to invest in your memories.

Please check out my webpage here featuring Meadow Gardens Golf Club.

Meadow Gardens’ Blog

Thank you for waiting!  Our new website dedicated to events at Meadow Gardens will be up and running very soon.  All the information regarding weddings and other special occasions will be at you fingertips soon.

Kayla Bell, our energetic events coordinator will definitely help you in any way she can.  Check back very soon.  Thanks!