Our Team

We are a dedicated team that is extremely passionate in what we do.  From our events coordinators to our servers, our staff are always prepared to make sure that your special day happens beyond expectations.

Kayla Worrall, Event and Sales Manager


“Hi there! I am Kayla, your Event and Sales Manager.  Have you ever been so nervous and stressed about how you can ensure that your special day runs smoothly?  Then I am the one who can make that happen.  My years of experience will put your mind at ease.  I will be there with you along the whole stretch of the way from planning to execution.”

Anthony Arnold, Executive Chef

Anthony A

“I am Anthony, your executive chef. There are several words that describe what we can offer you on your special day – class, gourmet, exquisite and sumptuous.  My whole culinary team will prepare an array of  mouth-watering offerings that even the most sophisticated connoisseur  will approve.  From appetizers, handhelds to entrees, our culinary expertise will surely satisfy your taste.”

Erin O’Brien – Assistant Event Coordinator

Aidan O’Brien – Event Supervisor

Our energetic team ensures that everything that you had hoped and wish for during your special day will be delivered with passion.  Attentiveness, smiles and unparalleled customer service is what we can offer from the time the first guest arrives until when the last one leaves.  This is our promise to you and to everyone you love.